23andMe testing is a great resource that provides a large quantity of genetic markers. While the Health Reports that 23andMe provides are helpful, the true resource of the information lies within the data that can be downloaded. This information can then be organized into a useable file that provides data on valuable genetic markers. I specialize in helping patients use this information to impact their health and guide treatment decisions.


Using this data to better understand the predispositions or “hiccups” that your body’s biochemistry has allows your treatment plans and preventative strategies to be better individualized. I always stress that it is not a “Crystal Ball” that tells us absolutes about your body, rather it provides a better understanding of how your body is predisposed to function. This can give insight as to why past treatments have failed or succeeded and allow for a better perspective as to what future treatments will be most effective. By supporting the biochemistry at this foundational level we can impact the entire function of the body and directly impact the course or prevention of disease.

Prevention can be customized with genetic testing. Rather than taking a supplement or doing a dietary intervention “just because” or “because everyone should take it” we can individualize a plan to your unique biochemistry. Combining the genetic markers with your history and the option of additional testing allows for a more complete picture.


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