Anxiety, Depression, and other Mental Health conditions are a significant and often chronic problem. Very rarely is there a “silver bullet” or single treatment that resolves these conditions. People who find long standing relief often use several modalities or approaches in combination.

The largest disservice I see medicine doing for patients with mental health concerns is that all too often a thorough history, examination, and testing to rule out general health causative factors is never done. Very few physicians are trained or have the time to ensure that underlying factors are not causing problem.

 Nutrient status and Diet can play a very significant role.

Genetic predispositions can guide Treatment.

Lifestyle Factors can cause your stress response to break down.

Neurotransmitters can be metabolized poorly.

I am not anti medications, and at times they can be a great part of a comprehensive treatment plan for a patient, but I strongly believe that psychiatric medications should be used AFTER basic foundational conditions have been fully ruled out.

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