Individualization is absolutely key to the future of Medicine. While people are all very similar in many ways, we differ drastically on some levels and can react very differently. Genetic or DNA testing allows for your care to be individualized directly to you.

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DNA is the blueprint to everything in your body, it is literally read and translated to make every cell and biochemical reaction. When your DNA has an error or “mis-spelling” it is called a SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism). One of the most commonly known SNPs is MTHFR C677T, which is responsible for a reaction called Methylation. Testing allows us to look for these SNPs and understand areas that your DNA may not be making the best or correct product.

Understanding your genetic predisposition allows for your care to be highly individualized; selecting medications, supplements, dietary approaches, or lifestyle changes specifically for you. Taking the guess work out of treatment and allowing for better understanding of your condition.

Areas that I use this testing to evaluate

  • Methylation
  • Detoxification of Toxins and Medications
  • Nutrient (Vitamin and Mineral) Need and Metabolism
  • Histamine Function
  • Cysteine utilization and Glutathione formation
  • Mitochondria Function
  • and several other areas of health

Testing is offered through numerous laboratories. I prefer the more detailed and comprehensive data offered by 23andMe. (Note that 23andMe does not offer any Health Reporting directly. It allows for your genetic data to be downloaded and processed to indicate your SNP markers.)


Click Here for a Discounted and Expedited 23andMe Test offered to my Patients

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