Laboratory Testing can be one of the most helpful tools for your care. Utilizing both standard and specialty laboratories takes full advantage of available testing.

Genetic/SNP Testing
Nutrient Testing


NutrEval by Genova Diagnostics shows a complete Nutrient Analysis.

Methylation Testing
Sonora Quest or LabCorp
The full offerings of Sonora Quest and LabCorp are available.




I take advantage of many of their more advanced and under-utilized tests.

Kryptopyrroluria Testing
Mycotoxin/Mold Testing
Food Allergy/Sensitivity Testing

Foods can play a huge role in your health. A simple blood test that measures 90+ IgG food reactions.

Standard IgE Food Allergy testing can also be ordered.

Digestive and Stool Testing

Stool testing can show several indicators of your digestive health as well as give insight into the bacterial (Probiotic or Microbiome) balance and show any infections.


I utilize a test that employs both Culture and PCR based methodology. Some tests only use one or the other, both of which have their Pros and Cons.

A Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis will show:
– Bacterial Balance and Infections
– Parasite Infections
– Yeast Infections
– Digestive Enzyme Markers
– Inflammation

Complimentary Intro Consult

A brief consult to discuss your case and make sure we are the right match.



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