Introductory Consult:

A complimentary offer to briefly discuss your case and ensure that I am the right fit for your care. Schedule Here or contact my office.

Initial Intake Consult:

Your first visit will typically take around 90 minutes, which ensures an adequate amount of time to understand your case. During this time we will gather your health and medical history, better understand your current condition, and develop our treatment plan.

Follow Up Visits:

Your follow up visits will typically be between 30-60 minutes, based on our treatment approach as well as the complexity and urgency of your condition. Follow up frequency will be based on your need and case complexity.


Testing may be ordered to better understand or diagnose your condition and is often the best way to monitor progress. It is my priority to be focused, cost-effective, and reasonable with the amount of testing performed. Tests may be ordered through Laboratories you are already familiar with or through specialty laboratory companies.

Genetic Casework Service:

Interpreting the genetic data of the 23andMe or similar test requires dedicated time to combine the genetic markers, your history and conditions, along with any past records or lab work into an Interpretation and Plan. This is a service completed secondary to the Intake Consult and is casework completed outside of a consult. This Interpretation and Plan is then delivered and includes the following components formulated for your specific case:

  • Nutrient (Supplement) Guidance
  • Medication Commentary if applicable.
  • Dietary Guidance
  • Laboratory Recommendations
  • Lifestyle Guidance as appropriate.
  • Interpretation and Summary of your significant Genetic Markers.

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Complimentary Intro Consult

A brief consult to discuss your case and make sure we are the right match.