The foundation of any treatment and success is with nutrition. Think of it as the fuel for your body, we wouldn’t expect our car to run well on the wrong fuel and we can’t expect the same of our bodies. Having the right nutrients and building blocks for health will allow your body to function at its optimum and be the most resilient to disease.

Many of us are already doing a number of things well in this realm; our goal is to maximize these areas while minimizing those that may be holding you back. At the heart of any dietary change is Education, Empowerment through Resources, and remembering that all of us are human and should also be able to enjoy and celebrate food. Finding the balance and creating enjoyable change is paramount.

We will start by identifying your current dietary strengths and use it to build a plan that incorporates new options you can enjoy. Many patients benefit from Nutrition Education Consults, either alone or with their spouse or family.

Your nutrition will be customized for your needs!

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