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What to Expect

Office Visits:
Your First Visit:

Your first visit will typically take around 90 minutes , which ensures that we will have an adequate amount of time to understand your case. During this time we will gather your health and medical history, better understand your current condition, perform any necessary physical examination, and develop our treatment plan.

Please bring current medications, supplements, and any recent lab work or imaging (Blood tests, X-rays, MRI’s, etc.) that you may have.

For more complicated and long-standing conditions, a second visit may be necessary to finalize your treatment. Often we will collect any needed health records and testing prior to your second visit?.

Focused Visit:

We do offer a shorter first visit type for acute conditions (recent cold, flu, ear infections, etc.) that do not require a comprehensive intake. This typically takes between 30-45 minutes. Please call our office to discuss if this would be the appropriate visit type for you.

Follow Up Visits:

Your follow up visits will typically be between 15-60 minutes, based on our treatment approach as well as the complexity and urgency of your condition. Most patients have a follow up visit every 1-3 months while beginning treatment, and every 6-12 months after we have successfully managed or resolved your condition. We do offer certain follow up visits over the phone for your convenience.

Some office visits are specifically focused towards diet and nutrition education, and we encourage your spouse, partner, or family to attend.


Testing may be ordered to better understand or diagnose your condition and is often the best way to monitor progress. It is our priority to be focused, cost-effective, and reasonable with the amount of testing performed. Tests may be ordered through Laboratories you are already familiar withor through specialty laboratory companies. Test specimens are collected and processed at our office or at valley-wide stations for your convenience.


We are a Fee-for-Service office and payment is due at the time of your service. Don’t worry about any insurance reimbursement paperwork though, we will submit an electronic claim to your insurance company on your behalf. See our “Insurance Reimbursement” section for more information.


We are happy to discuss visit options and fees, please call so we can accurately answer any questions you may have.



Our Location

We're located in the Ray Road Medical Center at:

13838 S. 46th Pl. Ste. 110, Phoenix, AZ 85044

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